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New Vitality is one of the leading online retailers of health and beauty products such as herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals, weight loss pills, skin moisturizers, anti-aging creams, skin lightening creams, energy pills and other health products for lowering the blood sugar, relieving stress, immune system support, eye care, cardiovascular care and other health products.

New Vitality also sells health supplements for cats and dogs such dog vitamins rich in antioxidants, ear cleansers and supplements for bone health. Aside from health products, you can also purchase dog grooming products such as ear cleansers, chemical-free dog shampoos and conditioners at affordable prices.

Among the popular products at New Vitaliry are Ageless Male, CocoPure, Nerve Pain Plus, Ruby Reds, Super Beta Prostate, NighSkin and DaySkin. New Vitality's product catalog of herbal supplements include Spirulina, Grape Seed, Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Saw Palmetto. View all products and promotions.

New Vitality is a company with your best interest in mind. All New Vitality products aim to help you live a long and healthy life together with your canine and feline friends. Every product at New Vitality passed through a stringent quality check and are easy on your budget.

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New Vitality: What makes it different?

Among the online stores selling health and beauty products, here’s how New Vitality stands out among key competitors:

  • New Vitality has a Super Saver program that automatically sends you your health supplements every month at a discount price. With this program, you will never miss a special offer from New Vitality, never run out of health supplements and have extra money-savings.
  • All New Vitality products were made in factories that are GMP Certified.
  • An online store that is easy to navigate with all the products properly categorized.
  • New Vitality offers you a wide selection of beauty and nutritional products at the best price possible.
  • New Vitality accepts product returns for opened and unopened items within 30 days of purchase.
  • At New Vitality, you can select a panel of health experts to help you address your health concerns and assist you in choosing the right nutritional and health products.
  • An excellent Phone Support service that is TOLL Free

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New Vitality vs. primary competitors (sites similar to New Vitality)

Vitamin Life

Vitamin Life is a company that specialized in vitamins and herbal supplements. It has over thousands of products on its catalog and offers discount prices on most products. Vitamin Life, you can easily find the product you want to purchase as you can browse by product, brand and category. Vitamin Life also sells health supplements for pets like New Vitality.

A bottle of Saw Palmetto at Vitamin Life cost $8.74 while at New Vitality it is sold at $11.65. The same product that New Vitality is selling is sold at a lower price at Vitamin Life.

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GNC is another company selling the same products as New Vitality. The difference is that GNC also sells exercise equipments, equipments for Yoga and Pilates, health monitoring devices, exercise apparel, footwear and other health related equipment and accessories.

GNC products are sold at a higher price compared to New Vitality. For example, a bottle of Saw Palmetto containing 120 pills at New Vitality can be bought at only $11.65 while GNC sells it at $14.99.

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New Vitality: Pricing & packages

New Vitality products are mostly sold at a price range of $15 to $150 depending on the type of the product and the volume of purchase. Below is the price list of some of the products commonly purchased at New Vitality.

Ageless Male - $39.95 for 1 bottle, 6 bottles at $ 159.80 (Super Saver)
Nerve Pain Plus - $19.95 for 1 bottle, 3 bottles at $39.90 (Super Saver)
Super Beta Prostate - $32.95 for 1 bottle, 3 bottles at $ 65.90 (Super Saver)
Ruby Reds - $31.45 for 1 bottle, 3 bottles at $59.85 (Super Saver)
Night Skin - $49.95 for 1 bottle, 3 bottles at $ 99.90 (Super Saver)
Day Skin - $39.95 1 jar, 3 jars at $73.90 (Super Saver)
Green Tea Plus - $29.95 for 1 bottle, 3 bottles at $59.90 (Super Saver)
CocoPure - $29.95 for 1 bottle, 3 bottles at $59.90 (Super Saver)

The same product at New Vitality is being sold at a lower price at Vitamin Life. However, New Vitality products are cheaper compared to one of its main competitors, GNC.

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New Vitality: Product images & screenshots
New Vitality Coupons
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New Vitality: Customer reviews & comments

I saw a TV ad about New Vitality... I called and talked to a Rep. about the OFFER...Get a New Vitality Night Lotion for $4.95 shipping and if your don't want the "future" products, just call and cancel... What a joke!! I called and canceled. IT was assured that the account would be cancel, the computer was I e-mailed, too..Guess what.. they still sent out product and charged the account..I mailed back the product..It was rec with in 4 days and it took me to call to get credit.. When they do credit... I am charged the "shipping & handling" RIP OFF A better product is Oil of Olay!!!

- SarakdoLittle,

Like others before me, I responded to a radio advertising pitch by non other than the respected Thom Hartmann for a New Vitality Product. I called the toll-free number to make a trial order, unknowing that I would subsequently be "Auto Billed" for orders I did not authorize.

- Gobber,

I love this health food store. The people who work here are extremely nice and knowledgeable. The prices are reasonable on most items but now that more grocery stores are carrying the specialty food items I do find better prices elsewhere. If you can't find an item they are also willing to do a special order for you.

- Jennifer B,

The bottom line is that you have to be careful when you deal with New Vitality. Although there are positive feedbacks for this company, you can find dozens of complaints such as unauthorized credit card billing, product side effects and customer service related issues. Most of the negative reviews are due to their Super Saver program which automatically deducts your credit card every month without informing its customers.

There are other companies that offer the same products as New Vitality. Just to be safe, avoid New Vitality until all of the issues and complaints are resolved.

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Comments (1)

I have ordered from New Vitality and have had great service. I find that most of the complaints I see come from customers who order a free product and then get automatic billing afterwards. It seems like these people just want a free item, which they are entitled to, but once they hear they are getting it don't listen to anything else the representatives have to say. I was told as clear as day to call customer service and cancel my shipment and I did with no problem. Maybe I just pay attention to what people are telling me instead of always trying to get free stuff.

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Get 25% Off All Orders @ New Vitality (expires in 3 weeks)
Save 25% On All Orders @ New Vitality (expires in 5 days)
Save 25% On All Orders + Free Shipping On Orders Over $99 @ New Vitality (expires in 5 days)
Get 15% Off orders over $50 @ New Vitality
Get Free Shipping on Orders Over $75 @ New Vitality
Get 15% Off Entire Order @ New Vitality
Get Free Shipping @ New Vitality