Benefits of Sunbathing to Your Health

Sunbathing is away of keeping your body healthy but only when it is done in moderation. To benefit from sun bathing, the right diet and amount of sun rays exposure should be controlled. Most skin care enthusiasts recommend sunbathing as an extra source for vitamin D and associated minerals which your body requires.

Sunbathing has both health benefits and side effects and these vary from an individual to individual and the amount of exposure. Being a natural process, sunbathing can cause skin damage especially if it affects the melanoma which is the skin pigment responsible for dark skin colour. Melanoma protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet sun rays and radiation. Excess exposure to direct sunlight might lead to burnt skin or even skin cancer.

In this article, I will confine myself to the benefits of sunbathing to your health. Sun bathing in moderation is beneficial to your health as it is a way of supplying your body with the vital vitamin D. Sunbathing helps in boosting your body’s immune system and good in putting diabetes and cancer away.  Moderate exposure to the sun rays makes you less susceptible to common illnesses.

Sunbathing is also very beneficial to your blood as this helps in maintaining normal blood sugar level, reduces hypertension, increases the multiplication of erythrocytes and helps also in lowering cholesterol levels in the body. Responsible exposure to sun rays also helps your body to get some healthy and beneficial minerals which your body requires like carbon, sodium, iron and magnesium.

Sunbathing or tanning should not be addictive as this might lead to skin related health issues. Remember excess exposure to direct sun rays does not cause skin cancer on its own. Skin cancer results from ones unhealthy lifestyle through the consumption of harmful substances and toxins which end up reacting with the body leading to diseases including cancer of the skin.

Taking a healthy diet and sunbathing makes your body benefit from the whole process. As indicated earlier, the level of exposure should not be to the extreme. This in most cases may be dictated by where one lives and the kind of weather patterns. People living in dry humid weather tend to naturally sunbathe more compared to people living in cold climates.

There are several ways you can treat excess sunbathing effects and the most common method is the heliotherapy which focuses on treating skin problems and has been used for decades in healing acne, skin wounds and neonatal jaundice. This method is also used by qualified medical professionals as a remedy for more serious conditions which include the seasonal effective disorder.

The best way to keep off extreme sunbathing effects is to avoid exposing yourself from the elements especially the sun. If you can not avoid sunray exposure due to the nature of your work, try using sun creams which are available in your local drug store.


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