Drsinatra.com Website Review & Ratings + Dr. Sinatra Coupons
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Drsinatra.com Website Review & Ratings + Dr. Sinatra Coupons

Designed in conjunction with the company Advanced BioSolutions, Dr.Sinatra’s website is designed to address various health concerns, nutritional facts and health tips.  In addition the website sells various goods that are set to provide total wellness from the perspective of a medical professional.  The website has the following offers:

  • Sells a wide variety of supplements including brown seaweed extract, coenzyme Q10, D-Ribose, DHA, Fish oil, L-Carnitine, Magnesium, and Vitamin K just to name a few. 
  • A online database on how to properly care for a body that may be inclined to cholesterol, memory issues, weight gain, and immune system issues to name a few
  • A personal account to create a one-on-one tailored health report based on previous sales and health concerns.   
Dr. Sinatra: What makes it different?

There are a wide variety of benefits from Dr.Sinatra’s website including:

  • A wide variety of information based on various health concerns
  • Sales of nutritional supplements
  • Being an Accredited Business
  • Being McAfee Tested to be a Valid Site
  • A wealth of general wellness information from an United States medical professional
Dr. Sinatra vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Dr. Sinatra)

The leading rival website includes www.totalwellnessnutrition.com.  The rival website is lead forth by a leading certified nutritionist.  Renee’s philosophy includes various personal consultations, children’s programs, group workshops, healing arts, tai chi, corporate programs and school nutrition.  The competitor provides more personal one on one service unlike Dr. Sinatra. Dr. Sinatra only sells supplements which makes it harder to trust the site’s information.  His site is limited to as the conditions that he treats as well a lack of testimonials as to the benefits of the website.  The competitor’s site does include treatments for children unlike Dr. Sinatra who does not sell items geared toward children.    

Dr. Sinatra: Product images & screenshots
Dr. Sinatra Coupons
Dr. Sinatra: Detailed review

This website is for those who wish to have a cardiologist’s perspective on various health issues.  Supplemented with a local physician, patients are able to “become their own doctor”  if in fact they might have health issues dealing with daily health, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart health, immune system,  joint health, memory nutrition, gender specific health issues and weight loss.  Each condition is provided a four week daily set of instructions to help improve their personal health issue.  Week one includes diet, week 2 includes exercise, week 3 includes supplements, and week 4 includes tending to the spirit.  These tips are stated to be a personalized daily lifestyle change set forth by Dr. Sinatra himself.  In some cases, a separate website is specifically tailored just for a condition.  The sub-website often includes various recipes that the patient might feel beneficial especially in their health condition.  All conditions look more specifically into the psychological structure of each condition to provide the best results.  The website also provides a wide variety of sales that are used in relation to each of the conditions presented.  Sales are broken down by health concern or ingredients such as magnesium or probiotics. Prices of products range from a dollar all the way to $200.    

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Dr. Sinatra. Can he sing "My Way?"

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