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Forces of Nature is an online company located in Sonoma, California that sells homeopathic remedies for numerous health problems with the motto of “Healing the World”. Forces of Nature was founded in 2000 by Peter Klapper PhD, who also checks every plant that goes into their homeopathic remedies. This includes more than 100 different plants that have healing and medicinal values. Their products are sold in over 1000 retail stores. A list of medical conditions that their homeopathic products can be used for includes the following:

Forces of Nature strongly believes in the quality and healing powers of their homeopathic remedies, so much so that they offer a 1-year money back guarantee if you do not see results from one of their products. They feel that if you do not heal, than they do not deserve to be paid.

Forces of Nature: What makes it different?

Forces of Nature stands out from other companies for several reasons.  One reason is that the founder’s belief is that only the highest quality plants can be used into their homeopathic remedies. Other reasons Forces of Nature stands out include:

  • They have a money back guarantee if you don’t see healing results from their homeopathic products.
  • Most if not all of their products are certified organic by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). This certification of organic is important as it is different than just being natural.
  • All of their products are made in the United States, which is also important when quality control or toxins might be a concern. The Forces of Nature manufacturing plant is also FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certified.
  • Many of their products are used by doctors and naturopaths throughout the world.
Forces of Nature vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Forces of Nature)

There are of course companies other than Forces of Nature that sell homeopathic remedies. Many of them sell their own brands plus commercial brands and also sell vitamins and herbs along with homeopathic remedies. Forces of Nature sells only homeopathic remedies.

Founded by Dr. Luc Chaltin in 1987, Newton Homeopathics is another company that sells mainly homeopathic remedies. Their web site is easy to navigate with categories that include sections for adults, children and pets. You can buy their products online or at many retail stores around the United States and they do ship worldwide.

Newton Homeopathics manufacturers their own homeopathic products under the strict guidelines of the Homeopathic Pharmacology of the United States (HPUS) and their manufacturing plant is also registered with the Federal Drug Administration. Their products are made and shipped from their manufacturing plant near Atlanta, Georgia.

Rx Homeo also produces and sells homeopathic remedies from their manufacturing plant in India and also complies with the Homeopathic Pharmacology of the United States (HPUS). Their web site has homeopathic categories for children, gender specific, digestive health, age related, mental health, eye and ear, respiratory and skin and hair, but the search engine didn’t seem to find the needed remedies and when a remedy is found they do not give the actual ingredients like both Forces of Nature and Newton Homeopathics do.

Forces of Nature: Pricing & packages

It is difficult to compare prices on many of these homeopathic products since they are manufactured by their individual companies. It is not like comparing the same brand of vitamins at different stores. Some prices for Forces of Nature are:

  • Free 2-day FedEx shipping on orders over $75.
  • They also have the 1-year money back guarantee if you feel their product did not help your health condition.
  • Nail Fungus Control is a homeopathic remedy that costs $26.95 for an 11 ml (milliliter) bottle or 12 cents per application.
  • The product Acne/Pimple Control controls acne while also promoting healthy skin, costs $25.95 for 11 ml.

Newton Homeopathics prices include:

  • UPS ground delivery for all online orders and if you want your order faster, you will have to call them to make arrangements.
  • They do not offer a money back guarantee and have a no return policy.
  • Most products from Newton Homeopathics cost between $14.00 and $54.00 depending on the size of the bottle or number of tablets.
  • Fungus Fighter costs $14.00 for a 29.57 ml bottle. When you compare prices, also look at the doses per day and the doses in a product. This particular product recommends taking six drops or tablets every 15 minutes and that can make the cost higher than you might think at first.
  • An acne control remedy costs $14.00 for a 28.57 ml bottle or $30 for 2 ounces (56.7 grams) of tables.

Price information for Rx Homeo includes:

  • Ships their products from India, which usually arrives in the United States in 5-6 days, they do not provide overnight shipping.
  • Reviews any customer complaints on a case by case basis
  • Many of their products are a two remedy package for a total cost of $9.75.
  • Deformed nails treatment combo package costs $9.75 and includes two bottles, 1 ounce of Graphites pellets and 1 ounce of Silicea pellets.
  • Acne control from Rx Homeo costs $9.75 and recommends taking up to 15 tablets per day. This package contains two bottles, one each of Silicea and Arsenic Brom.
Forces of Nature: Product images & screenshots
Forces of Nature Coupons
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Forces of Nature: Customer reviews & comments

All comments about Forces of Nature are positive except for the fact that at this time, they do not sell any weight loss products. In many people’s opinion, this is actually a positive for a company that manufacturers and sells homeopathic remedies. Their products are all organic, made in the United States and certified by the USDA and FDA. Some comments include:

I have ordered the H-Balm oils for cold sore treatment and it is the BEST stuff I have ever used for cold sores and I am telling everyone I can about it. My breakouts appear without warning and these oils fight back with a vengeance. I am so happy with the products and the company. High quality items, nothing but the best. If you suffer from cold sores, order the H-Balm Super Strength.

For years, my sister has suffered horribly from occasional bouts of shingles. This product has given her miraculous relief. It dries up the lesions and helps to control the pain. She also has found Forces of Nature Shingles No More Soap as well as their ImmunoBoost For Shingles to be excellent companion products.

As with any product you ingest, you should know about the ingredients and your own allergies to plants, since all of these products are made from plants.

Best Available Forces of Nature Coupon:
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Comments (7)

Excellent review!

Very informative review, Sam.

Ranked #8 in

Factoidz is not sending me current emails of my favorite people's articles when they are published. I am working on my own to discover new posts so am late in commenting on this wonderful, healthful review.

Ranked #9 in

This is intriguing. It is commendable of them to have a one year guarantee if the product doesn't work...which of course is reflective of the whole homeopathy ideology. (Could you imagine all the refunds needed for drugs like Paxil and Prozac, for example, if Western medicine adopted the same standard?!) Thanks for your review; excellent as always.

What a really great job you have done here, Sam.

Guy Chapman

Homeopathic supplements means sugar pills, nothing more, nothing less. There is no reason to believe homeopathy should work, no credible mechanism by which it can work, and no sound evidence that it does work.

The science that says homeopathy is bunk is the same science that makes lasers, cellphones, GPS and computers work.

These products are terrible and they never paid for my refund!  

Customer Reviews
Forces of Nature Average Rating:
(2 ratings)
Forces of Nature 3 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
Terry Brumbaugh — 74 months ago
5.0 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
“Amazing results - No more Sleepless Nights!”

I've been using the Insomnia Control product for weeks now and it is FANTASTIC! No more Ambien for me! This product really works.

I rub just a few drops on my forehead and a few on the back of my neck and I've been sleeping 7-8 hours straight, (unlike Ambien).

The customer service was great--very helpful and informative, and the prodcut arrived as promised within 48 hours of ordering.

Dean From — 74 months ago
1.0 Star Rating: Not Recommended
“Organic Snake Oil”

Rude service and terrible products! I think they are liars and cheats

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