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A large part of living a healthy lifestyle is consuming healthy food that are not processed and do not contain toxic, chemicals and other added preservatives. Nowadays, finding an online store that sells this kind of food is very easy. One such store is Live Superfoods, a supplier of raw, organic, vegan foods. This online store carries over 60 brands of superfoods including their own Live Superfoods brand. As opposed to processed food, their ingredients are the result of the low temperature drying processes, which result in foods that are rich in nutrient and enzymatic life force. Most products that are sold on their webite (including their own brand) are gluten-free.

Categories of health products that are available at this online store are:

Live Superfoods: What makes it different?

Live Superfoods has one of the largest selections of health food and supplements online. Since they sell directly to the customers, the prices of health products that they offer are very competitive.

This particular store also has significantly more products under one category than most online health food suppliers, thus giving customers more choices. For example, under the Acai berry category, while many competitors only have a few products listed, Live Superfoods offers all sorts of Acai products ranging from organic powder and capsules to juice and cereal.

The trademark of Live Superfoods is their Superfood Powders which contains high nutrient and dried under low temperature. These powders can be added to your juice, yoghurt and smoothies.

Several of the products offered at the Live Superfoods store are wild-harvested from the Amazon jungle, which is the home of thousands of unique plant species that are not available anywhere else. Wild-harvested products mean that they are obtained from their natural, native habitat and they are also free of chemical such a hormones and pesticides.

One of the best features of their online shopping platform is the search engine. As you enter the type of superfood that you are looking for, you will be given suggestions on the products related to your search.

Live Superfoods vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Live Superfoods)

Essential Living Foods and Navitas Naturals are two other health foods and supplements stores that Live Superfoods competes with.

Essential Living Foods offers a variety of health foods direct from the source bulk products to distributors and manufacturers as well as their own Essential Living Foods brand. Their company is well-known as one of the first companies to import goji berries into the US and also the first to bring in raw chocolate. They offer over 40 types of natural organic foods and orders over $75 are eligible for free shipping. The website is pretty easy to navigate although it is rather frustrating to see links that are either not working or do not contain any information, for example the page on RAW chocolate and Shipping Information page (as of Dec. 11 2011).

Navitas Naturals is a certified organic business based in Marin County, California specializing in organic and wild-crafted functional foods. The website is very organized and user friendly. Searching for products is very easy since for each category of superfood, they have categorized it into different types - powder, capsules, etc. The website is also very informative where customers can learn about interesting facts, benefits and suggested uses for each product. In additon, customers who have purchased Navitas products can submit their recipes using these products on the website. However, their product selection is much less than Live Superfooods and Essential Living Foods.

Live Superfoods: Pricing & packages

The following is the price range comparison between Live Superfoods online store with the other two competitors, Essential Living Foods and Navitas Naturals for some of the top health products:

Goji Berry Powder

Live Superfoods: $29.99 (16 oz. bag)

Essential Living Foods: $19.99 (8 oz. bag)

Navitas Naturals: $14.99 (4 oz. bag) to $27.99 (8 oz bag)

Cacao Beans

Live Superfoods: $13.99 (16 oz.) to $109.99 (10 lb. bulk package)

Essential Living Foods: $8.99 (8 oz.) to $27.99 (2 lb.)

Navitas Naturals: $9.99 (8 oz.)

Mesquite Powder

Live Superfoods: $12.99 (16 oz. bag)

Essential Living Foods: $6.99 (8 oz.) to $36.99 (5 lb.)

Navitas Naturals: $9.99 (8 oz)

If you compare the prices at all three stores and the quantity for each price offered, you can see that the prices at Live Superfoods is significantly more affordable than their competitors. This is why Live Superfoods will give great value for your money.

Live Superfoods: Product images & screenshots
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Live Superfoods: Customer reviews & comments

Live Superfoods has gained great reputation in the superfoods industry, especially for their own Live Superfoods powder. The following are reviews from customers who have purchased this product:

"I have been looking for healthier sweeteners. Coconut sugar is supposed to be less processed and I do like the taste. It is fragrant, with subtle layers of coconut flavour, so if you don't want your beverage to acquire any additional flavour then this is not for you. It is also less sweet than regular white sugar, which is good. Overall, I think the flavour is lovely and it doesn't bother me even in teas like Earl Grey." - Vivian, NY (Nov. 9,2010)

"It's really good, and as described-a caramelly taste.It's almost like eating candy-the only downside is shipping-15 dollars total, other than that it tastes pretty good.I'm excited to put it in my oatmeal :); if I could describe it I'd say it resembles brown sugar in both taste, and color. In this time we're living in now, it's exciting to see how versatile, and a true blessing coconuts are.They provide us with food, water,sweetner,moisturizer,oil for cooking, and an overall healthy natural product for us consumers. Enjoy!" - Priscilla Forson, APO, AP, US (Sep. 29,2010)

Best Available Live Superfoods Coupon:
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