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Moringa Source is a progressive and premiere authority  when it comes to providing moringa oleifera products.  It is the largest company which is committed to support the world with its 100% naturally grown moringa products. 

Moringa products from Moringa Source can be consumed by children and nursing mothers, students, athletes, working professionals, and the elderly. They will certainly benefit from over 90 bio-nutrients delivered to the body to enhance focus, clarity, and concentration.

Nowadays, there is a huge and consistently growing demand for natural food products, where moringa oleifera incredibly never goes unnoticed, in terms of its health benefits and  nutritional properties.  In the light of this, Moringa Source offers the consumers the following moringa oleifera products in various product lines to supplement their health and nutritional needs as well as enhance the beauty and personal care needs:

Moringa Capsules

Moringa Powder  

Moringa Protein Shakes

Moringa Oil

Moringa Oleifera Tea

Moringa Seeds

Moringa Silk Body Butter

Moringa BlissBathOils

Moringa Fusion Shampoo

Moringa Fusion Conditioner

Moringa FreshBodyWash

Moringa Radiance Body Oil

Moringa Essence Hair Oil

Moringa Velvet hand & Body Lotion

Moringa Smooth Lip Balm

The products of Moringa Source  are now available in more than 30 countries, reaching across six continents.  Acceptable forms of payment, aside from cash, include Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover Network and Paypal.

Moringa Source: What makes it different?

Key Differentiators

Moringa Source transcends the capability and performance of its rivals in terms of the following categories:

  • More comprehensive and progressive product lines

Moringa Source has it all - from protein shakes to capsules and from lip balm to shampoo.  There are no known rivals that offer the same complete range of products.  Its unique and innovative moringa silk body butter has been recognized as Finalist for best Health and Beauty Product 2011”.

Moringa Source uses only 100% moringa oleifera for moringa capsules, thus, no additives, nor fillers and flow agents of any sort.  The powder products, including capsules and bagged leaf powder are produced from young leaf powder which contains higher density nutrients than mature leaves used by other producers.  The moringa oil is guaranteed pure and does not contain any chemicals.

  • Affordability

Moringa  Source sells its products at a price lower than  its two closest competitors.

  • Faster delivery 

Moringa Source ships moringa products across the globe.  The website is designed to facilitate fast, user-friendly and easy transaction. 

  • Availability and accessibility

Moringa Source has customers in various parts of the world, that is why, they ship moringa products all over the world, including India, Philippines, UK, South Africa and in many other parts where moringa oleifera is known for its amazing health benefits. The customer may even call toll free at  1 877 774 8430 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm EST.

Moringa Source vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Moringa Source)

We consider the following two (2) companies as closed competitors of Moringa Source, namely:  Zija Company and Moringa Farms.

 Zija Company is the first company to transform moringa into a refreshing, nourishing beverage for everyday use. They call this product “SmartDrink”, a ready to drink mix.  Zija Company also sells weight management drinks, such as,  XM+ Mix and XM3, the natural ingredients of which include, green tea, desert tea, ginseng, fruit pectin & TMG organic.  The same company is selling skin care products, which include anti-aging night repair, daily moisturizer, spa masque, rehydrating mist, eye serum, zija oil and daily cleanser.  Zija uses the marketing network concept in selling and distributing their products.  This Multi Level Marketing (MLM) payout plan attracts distributors in terms of earning commissions in several distinct ways, including: direct sales, rebates, team commissions, leadership check bonuses, diamond cool bonus and multiple business centers bonuses.  Being a multi level marketing company, products are priced higher.  

Moringa Farms is both retailer and wholesaler company which sells and grows moringa products in the US.  It prides itself on being the oldest and most experienced on moringa tree products as well as the first to commercialize these products. 

They sell their products at a lower price too.  Its main customers are from North America composed of formulators, retail stores, general public as well as wholesalers. There is no indication in the website if they can easily deliver to their customers outside of US.

Though they offer the health benefits of moringa oleifera, Moringa Source is much better in terms of affordability, availability of products to customers as well as wide array of product lines  to everyone.

Moringa Source: Pricing & packages

The following are the specific prices and other package information of each Moringa Source products:

Moringa starter combo: $39.99 (120 capsules, 24 tea and 2 bottle oil)

Spa collection: $45.95 (1 body wash, 1 velvet hand lotion, 1 body butter and 4 lip balm)

Salon collection: $49.95 (1 fusion shampoo, 1 conditioner,1 pure oil and scalp oil)

Zija Company offers its products in this package, namely:

Smart Pack 1: $245.95 (32 packets of smart mix, 1 box of XM +Mix @ 8 counts, 1 box XMam @ 30 caps, 2XmPm trial packs @ 8 counts, 1 box tea @ 30 bags, 1 weight management brochure and 1 shaker cup)

Smart Drink Trial pack: $60 (8 cans)

Smart Drink:  $ 114.95 (1 case @ 32 packets)

                       $ 221.95  (2 cases @ 64 packets)

                       $ 117.95 (1 case @ 30 cans-5.5oz per unit)

                       $ 232.95 (2 cases @ 60 cans-5.5oz. per unit)

Moringa Farms has this to offer to customers:

Live Trees :  $18 (2 saplings)

Miracle Tree Recipe Book: $32

Hereunder are moringa products common to two or three companies with the following price/s:

Moringa Capsule:  $0.21 - Moringa Source

                                  $2.46 -Zija Company

                                  $0.10 -Moringa Farms

Moringa Tea:          $0.58 -Moringa Source

                                 $ 1.67 -Zija Company

Moringa Powder : $ 42.50 - Moringa Source

                                 $ 28.00  -Moringa Farms

Moringa Oil:          $ 12.00 - Moringa Source (2oz.)

                               $ 12.00 - Moringa Farms (1oz.) 

Moringa Seed:      $0.45 -Moringa Source

                                $0.6   -Moringa Farms 

The price of Moringa Source for personal care needs  such as shampoo, body wash, lotion,conditioner, lip balm and the like range from $2.99 to $18.  On the other hand, the health supplements of Moringa Farms, such as Chia, Sea Minerals and Supa Boost range from $12 to $47.

At this point, we can say that Moringa Source has more products to offer to moringa consuming market at various packages and at more affordable costs.  

Moringa Source: Product images & screenshots
Moringa Source Coupons
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Moringa Source: Customer reviews & comments

Hereunder are some of the customer feedbacks gathered:

"Moringa Oleifera supplements from Moringa Source has allowed me to compete at the highest levels of my sport, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  It allows me to train harder, recover faster and suffer less injuries than at any other time in my career. I have not found a more nutrition-dense and bio-available supplement for the successful athlete than Moringa.  The very high anti-inflammatory content allows my body to mend much sooner that previously. The minerals and protein have reduced my injuries and the nutrients allow me to maintain a high level of energy throughout the day. My mood is always elevated and I sleep like a baby.  Thank you, Moringa Source."

"I am on my second bottle of Moringa and I have to say I am impressed. I had heard about the product perhaps a year or so ago, but had not paid it much attention. Then last Christmas while having dinner with some dear friends, the husband reintroduced Moringa, explaining that he had been taking the powder for a while and giving it the thumbs up. I decided to see what this product was all about, and I have been amazed. Before starting on Moringa, I was taking all kinds of iron supplements (pills, liquid, it), but none of them seemed to give me the consistent energy that Moringa has been giving me, and I feel much less anemic."

"You guys are awesome, have very good service and timing. Thank you for providing this such a great herb to the world."

"I bought a supply of 120 Moringa capsules as a dietary supplement and I think they are great. I am planning to buy another one soon."

"I appreciate that I know I am getting such complete nutrition in such a small and easy to use package. Especially so when I travel and have to deal with the extra stresses that places on me. Stress uses nutrients and I know I am efficiently replacing them with the Moringa. Wonderful."

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