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Nature’s Inventory is an online provider of aromatherapy using natural health and wellness products to improve an individual’s condition.  Nature’s Inventory started at home and today delivers nature’s health solutions to online customers around the world.

Nature’s Inventory is all natural, certified vegan products for men, women, children and pets. The products are available in a nonstick gel based topical and aromatic oils.  Herbal extracts can be taken as drops directly under the tongue or added to teas without the loss of health benefits.

Nature’s Inventory Products

Health Conditions Aided

Nature's Inventory: What makes it different?

Nature's Inventory key differentiator is the quality of product ingredients and the product's ability to deliver successful health solutions to the customer.  In an industry where online retailers and distributors exist in large numbers, Nature's Inventory has maintained its market directives of green health product developments.

  • Nature's Inventory is consistently priced higher price in comparison to the two online retailers selected for this product review.
  • Each product is made with the same attention to detail to ensure that customers experience better health and well-being when using Nature's Inventory.
  • As a green product and vegan certified Nature’s Inventory has absolutely no side effects or drug interactions for customers taking prescriptions.
Nature's Inventory vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Nature's Inventory)

Nature’s Inventory was founded on the benefit of natural health improvement products.  They have succeeded in taking this belief to the next level by developing a line of topical oils and gels and herbal extracts.  One of the online customer reviews make a statement of Nature's Inventory product working better than other competitor or similar retail health products.

Vita Springs is a retailer selling multiple lines of health products.  Nature's Inventory is one of those products Vita Springs has added to their list of worthy products and offer a slightly lower price than Nature’s Inventory direct price for this line of aromatherapy products.  Like Nature’s Inventory they also ship to Canada and other International locations. 

Lucky Vitamins is a distributor of health and wellness products.  Over the years they have looked for quality products and best pricing strategies for online customers.  Nature’s Inventory one of the valued health products selected by Lucky Vitamins.  For customers who have used the product and found success, this is the online retailer with the best price for Nature’s Inventory.

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Nature's Inventory: Pricing & packages

Nature’s Inventory is selling an Ear Soothe Wellness Oil recommended for swimmer’s ear, ear ache and infection or ringing in the ear.  The oil is applied to a warm cloth and the cloth is laid over the ear and letting the cloth cool. 

  • Nature’s Inventory is selling a 2 oz bottle for $15.95.
  • Vita Springs sells Nature’s Inventory Ear Soothe Wellness Oil for $15.65.
  • Lucky Vitamin sells Nature’s Inventory Ear Soothe Wellness Oil for $13.59.  Online customers can purchase 2 bottles for $12.88 each.

Nature’s Inventory Sleep Aid Oil or Gel contains jasmine, lavender and sandalwood oils that have been shown to improve sleep.  The aromas provide a sense of relaxation allowing the body to rest.

  • Nature’s Inventory is selling both the oil and gel in 2 oz bottles for $15.95 each.
  • Vita Springs sells Nature’s Inventory Sleep Aid Oil or Gel for $15.65 each.
  • Lucky Vitamin sells Nature’s Inventory Sleep Aid Oil or Gel for $13.59 each, offering online customers a discount for purchasing 2 bottles for $12.88 each.
Nature's Inventory: Product images & screenshots
Nature's Inventory Coupons
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Nature's Inventory: Customer reviews & comments

2012 Nature’s Inventory Night Time Leg Calm Wellness Oil Review

I simply love this oil; I have suffered with RLS for many years, loss of sleep to the point of exhaustion night after night, year after year. The first time I tried this oil, it worked immediately, and continuously for I think 3 years straight, then it seemed to stop working.  I’ve been a few years without it and recently bought it again, and it’s working again.

2011 Nature’s Inventory Night Time Leg Calm Wellness Oil Review

I have suffered from RLS for 30 years. A couple of years ago I happed upon Nature's Inventory website after doing an internet search for natural remedies for RLS. None of the natural products, dietary changes, etc. worked for me, so I was to the point that I was very dubious of "natural remedies" for RLS. However, I was willing to keep looking for something when my young son started having RLS (he was about 5-years-old at the time).  A couple of weeks later I was having a bout of RLS so I applied the Night Time Leg Wellness Oil as directed.  For me, it took about 15 minutes before it took effect.  I applied the oil on him and in about 30-60 minutes he found relief.

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