Www.phionbalance Website Review & Ratings + pHion Coupons
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Www.phionbalance Website Review & Ratings + pHion Coupons

pHion Balance is a fast-growing, private company located in Scottsdale, Arizona which sells health and wellness products and provides useful information geared towards promoting the body's pH balance.  

Researches have shown that when the body is pH balanced, its vitality level is high. The result is increased energy, mental clarity, resilience, and a healthy glow is manifested through the skin.  

pHion Balance’s extensive product line has been developed under the supervision of the world’s pioneers in pH knowledge including Naturopathic Specialist Christopher Vasey, N.D.; who also wrote the book The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health. Christopher Vasey is a practitioner of Naturopathy in Chamby-Montreux, Switzerland for 25 years, has written 22 books translated in eight languages, and is a leading authority on the subject of pH balance, rejuvenation, and detoxification.

The wide range of products aimed towards creating pH balance can be found on their website www.phionbalance.com.

pHion: What makes it different?
  • Well-Researched Products: The manufacturing of pHion Balance products are backed by extensive research with a solid basis on years of experience by leading health specialists including the Naturopathic Specialist Christopher Vasey, N.D. in order to provide the highest quality of alkalizing products available in the market today.
  • Highly Informative Website:  pHion Balance maintains a website full of informative material that will provide useful for those wishing to know more about pH balance and its implications to health.  The health benefits of their products are also explained extensively in their long list of articles.
  • Recipes: The website of pHion Balance provides recipes that help achieve the purpose of total wellness. To sustain the ph balance of the body lots of fresh vegetables, greens, grasses and fruits must be consumed. These healthful alkalizing recipes are not only tasty but also promote energy and nutritional balance for total wellbeing.
  • Affifilate Program: An Affiliate Program is offered by pHion Balance for those who wish to earn from sharing the information about the benefits of the company's products.
pHion vs. primary competitors (sites similar to pHion)

pHion Balance has no direct competitors in the field concerning the attainment of pH balance of the body.  However, there are other companies offering products which aims to attain wellness and health. These would include My Detox Footbath and Verseo.

My Detox Footbath is a website which promotes natural healing of the body from different illnesses particularly those who have arthritis and joint complications through detoxification and homeopathy. 

Verseo is a company based in New York that develops, manufactures, and sells health and beauty products including anti-aging, detox, cleansing and weight loss products, spa and body treatements, skin care solutions and hair care solutions.


pHion Balance


- unique products in the market

- offers recipes for wellness

- offers international shipping


- does not have gift certificates

- free shipping is only available in the US

- products are not cheap

My Detox Footbath


- best for arthritis and other joint diseases

- offers commercial and personal equipments for detox

- shows visible results


- no solid scientific study backs up the claims

- detox foot baths are controversial products to the general public

- many detractors



- has a very appealing website

- offers international shipping

- offers hair care products


- shipment problems were encountered

- some customers complain that products do not live up to the promise

- some detox products have no evident results observed

pHion: Pricing & packages

Although the three companies differ in their product specializations, they all aim to promote detoxification and wellness.  Here are some of the similar products competing against each other's version.

Detoxification Products

pHion Balance: pHion Whole Body Detoxification -  $20.97

My Detox Footbath: Detox Foot Patches $0.99 per piece

Verseo: Verseo Detox Foot Patches (30 pieces) - $23.00

Alkaline Water Products

pHion Balance: pHion Booster - $26.96

My Detox Footbath: Alkaline Water Cup - $29.99


Weight Loss Products

pHion Balance: pHion Tight-n-Tuck $35.96

My Detox Footbath:

Verseo: Verseo Be-SLIM Patches $26.00


pHion Balance

My Detox Footbath


Product Categories

Acid Drainage

Alkaline Diet Books

Alkaline Minerals

Alkaline Water

Alkalizing Greens

Alkalizing Programs


Body Detoxification

Colon Cleanse

Digestive Enzymes

Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet

pH Balance Accessories

pH Test Strips

Prebiotic Fiber


    Detox Packages

    Detox Machines

    Detox Arrays

    Detox Accessories

    Detox Foot Pads

    Himalayan Salt

    Energy Wellness

    Alkaline Water Bottles

Detox Skin & Body

Weight Maintenance

Hair Care

For Men

Cold Weather

Top Sellers

Special Offers

Payment options



American Express,



Google Checkout

thru authorize.net



American Express,


Money order

Shipping coverage




pHion: Product images & screenshots
pHion Coupons
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pHion: Customer reviews & comments

PHion Balance PHion pH Booster Kit Liquid, 2-Ounce (Health and Beauty)

“I just deleted my first review of this product because I found the additional information that I was looking for. I originally was skeptical about the ingredients after reading the review about concerns of aluminum and potassium chloride in Ph-ion Water Booster. However, I found scientific supported research about the benefits of drinking such alkaline water using the very ingredients in the percentages as used in Ph-ion Water Booster. I have been using the product for months and have noticed a tremendous positive health benefit, but was confused by one of the comments made here at Amazon which indicated the questionable ingredients in the product. I found out about Ph-ion in one of Kevin Trudeau's books and have been using it ever since. If anyone finds additional information about this product I would appreciate your contacting me with a comment. Until then, I will continue using this product because of its being so beneficial to me.
I hope this was helpful to all of you.”

Linda Lorraine "lindales" (GA)  amazon.com

Phion Ph Booster Kit Boost the Alkalinity of Your Drinking Water for Better Health

“I am really impressed with this product. I got it to boost my pH, as it was at 6.5 - which is a little too low. Within just one week my pH is up, and my body is feeling better - I have more energy, and mental clarity as well. I am really pleasantly surprised, as I was not expecting such fast results. I do have to say that I have been taking it with the Alkaline Minerals from the same brand - so that may have added to the speed of my improvement, by the way those are awesome too.

Regarding taste: I live in Florida, so water here tastes horrible even with a good filter. There is a slight taste alteration after adding the drops, but nothing major.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking to improving their pH in a fast and easy way. Before I got these drops, I was on a extremely strict alkaline diet for about a month, and for some reason, my pH did not change, but with these drops there was an instant increase in alkalinity. I am thrilled, getting healthy and feeling great.”
  - K. Hubbard  amazon.com

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