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S.O.S. Krill oil supplements are a superior source of omega-3 fatty acids in phospholipid form, which offer various health benefits to the human heart, joints, brain and skin as well as for treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and painful menstruation and for fetal/infant brain development in pregnant and nursing women.

Oil derived from krill (shrimp-like crustaceans) is tremendously effective in lowering ldl-cholesterol (the bad or pathogenic cholesterol), raising hdl-cholesterol (the good cholesterol that reduces the risk of coronary disease and supports a healthy heart) as well as in lowering blood sugar. Krill oil is useful in treating aches/pains, including the pain and inflammation of the joints. It supports cognitive and nervous system functions and brain development, contains astaxanthin, canthaxanthin, vitamins E, A and D and is much more potent than fish oil as an anti-oxidant, besides providing excellent protection against ultra-violet ray-induced skin damage. Krill oil is also useful to women as mentioned above.

Unlike fish oil, krill oil is water-soluble and so is easier for the body to absorb, more potent as a health supplement and does not cause fishy burping or aftertaste.

S.O.S. Krill supplements are made with sustainable and pure 100% Superba™ krill oil.

SOS Krill: What makes it different?

Although all brands of krill oil supplements are made of krill oil, the quality of a supplement depends on the quality of the krill oil used, the way the company produces the krill oil, besides the way it produces the supplement. S.O.S. Krill oil supplements are made with sustainable and pure 100% Superba™ krill oil derived from the Antarctic krill and produced by Aker Biomarine, the only krill fishery in the world certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), an independent, global, non-profit organization that works to promote the best choices in sustainable seafood.
Eco-Harvesting technology developed by Aker Biomarine, a biotechnology company focused on krill, uses a trawl of unique design that prevents unwanted by-catches of fish, seals, birds or other marine animals and only live krill are pumped onboard for immediate processing, which results in pure and top-quality krill oil being produced.

SOS Krill vs. primary competitors (sites similar to SOS Krill)

S.O.S. Krill stands out from other brands because of the quality of the krill oil used, i.e. 100% pure Superba™, the purest and highest quality krill oil available, derived from Antarctic krill that is sustainably harvested and 100% traceable. S.O.S. Krill does not cause fishy belching and has no fishy aftertaste. It is also offered at a lower price with totally FREE shipping to U.S. destinations and no sales tax except to California. To prove its complete confidence in its products, S.O.S. Krill offers full money-back guarantee with no question asked. This means a customer can try a bottle risk free.  

On the other hand, Krill Omega-3 Super Formula by Purity Products uses fish besides krill oil and contains lime/lemon flavor and other additives. It costs double the price of S.O.S. Krill and there is a shipping fee. The first trial bottle is free.  
Krill Oil capsules by Everest Nutrition Corp. is made of pure cold-pressed Antarctic krill oil. However, it is offered per bottle at 25% more expensive than S.O.S. Krill, with 90-day money-back guarantee less shipping.    

SOS Krill: Pricing & packages

S.O.S. Krill is offered at $19.99 per bottle of 60 softgells, $34.99 for two bottles and $49.99 for three bottles (unless extended, this special offer ends on April 30, 2011). Shipping and handling are free to all U.S. destinations and so is sales tax except on orders from California. If a customer does not feel the difference, he can contact S.O.S. Krill, return the unused portion and get a full refund, with no question asked. In other words, a customer can try a bottle risk free.  

Everest Nutrition Corp. Krill Oil capsules cost $24.95 per bottle of 60 capsules + $4.95 shipping/handling, $74.85 for three bottles with one bottle free + $4.95 S/H, $99.80 for four bottles with two bottles free and shipping also free. This is a special April 2011 promo. There is a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee less shipping with the return of the unused portion.

Krill Omega-3 Super Formula is priced at $54.95 per bottle of 60 softgells + $6.95 shipping. Buying four bottles at $54.95 each + $6.95 shipping, a customer will get one bottle free. Accepting a free bottle offer by paying only $6.95 for shipping, a customer will be enrolled in a Super Saver program at $39.95 per bottle, and he will receive three bottles every 90 days. The first delivery of three bottles will arrive in 15 days after the free bottle. The customer can refuse the Super Saver within the first 15 days without any charge.

Note that S.O.S. Krill 60 softgells/bottle are for a 60-day supply for a single person, while Krill Oil 60 capsules/bottle and Krill Omega-3 Super Formula 60 softgells/bottle are both for a 30-day supply for a single person. This alone shows the superior potency of S.O.S. Krill and its highly competitive price.

SOS Krill: Product images & screenshots
SOS Krill Coupons
SOS Krill: Customer reviews & comments

Posted by Doc in Supplements
S.O.S. Krill oil offers numerous health benefits, from promoting cardiovascular health, to maintaining cognitive function with age, to alleviating joint discomfort…

Posted by Paul Steel
S.O.S Krill Oil Is the Best
Now one of the most important parts in a good quality krill oil is the way the company manufactures the krill oil. The very best krill oil supplement is manufactured by Aker BioMarine (ABM) and is called S.O.S Krill. Based In Norway Aker BioMarine is completely focused on krill oil.

Utilizing their Eco-Harvesting process, ABM is able to harvest the best krill oil in the most sustainable way, without any unwanted by-catch (such as seals and other fish) and with minimal environmental impact. Because ABM's fishing methods bring the krill onboard the ship while still alive, the resulting krill oil is purer and of superior quality…

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Sounds like an excellent product

well researched review. Thanks

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