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Vitamma is a small, new online retailer of premium multivitamin products. Based in Connecticut, the company markets a range of specially-formulated, US-manufactured multivitamins targeted toward men, women, pregnant women and children. Despite stocking a relatively limited range of products, Vitamma’s multivitamins are thoughtfully formulated to contain a unique, high-quality selection of key dietary supplements. Vitamma’s product categories include:

Vitamma operates in partnership with the celebrated aid organization Vitamin Angels. With each bottle of multivitamins sold, Vitamma donates to Vitamin Angels the funds necessary to supply three children with two years’ worth of life-saving Vitamin A supplements. By shopping with Vitamma, consumers are given the opportunity to make a genuine, meaningful change in the lives of nutritionally-disadvantaged children.

Vitamma: What makes it different?

Vitamma - What Makes It Different?

  • Commitment to social responsibility.

With each bottle of Vitamma multivitamins sold, Vitamin Angels supplies three nutritionally-disadvantaged children with two years’ worth of life-saving Vitamin A supplements. Vitamma's website extensively promotes the humanitarian work of Vitamin Angels, and offers customers factual information on the positive global impacts their purchases will have.

  • Community engagement.

Vitamma places a strong emphasis on engaging the community with their multivitamin products and the wider Vitamin Angels cause. The company produces an informative blog which frankly discusses a range of relevant topics, such as the risks versus benefits of vitamin supplementation. Vitamma is also active in the social media super-spheres of Twitter and Facebook.

  • Extensive product information.

Vitamma provides thorough information on each of the multivitamin products it sells. In easy-to-access table format, the company lists the exact ingredients of each product and per-serving percentage daily values. The website also provides a basic bulleted list of the key health benefits consumers can expect from each product.

Vitamma vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Vitamma)

Vitamma vs. Main Competitors 

VitalMax Vitamins, eVitamins and All Vitamins Plus are among Vitamma’s many competitors in the flourishing online market for health supplements.

VitalMax Vitamins retails an extensive range of health supplements, many of which are unofficially endorsed US medical professionals. However, this company’s ‘miracle supplement’ marketing techniques give it a somewhat less reputable image than that of Vitamma. VitalMax Vitamins also has a limited partnership with the Vitamin Angels charity. 

eVitamins is another large, online vitamin retailer. eVitamins has a large ‘sales’ webpage which offers heavy savings on older stock to ensure rapid turnover and the sale of the freshest products. The company publishes on its website independent laboratory reviews on a range of popular vitamins.

All Vitamins Plus is yet another online retailer offering a variety of health supplements for sale. In addition, All Vitamins Plus sells a small range of natural pet care products, apparel, groceries and home-wares.

Vitamma: Pricing & packages

Price Comparison

This section compares the price of each of Vitamma’s key multivitamin products against prices advertised by its above-mentioned competitors. The comparison also looks at the shipping fees charged by Vitamma and its competitors.

Children’s multivitamin: Vitamma sells 90 children’s multivitamins for $14.99 (USD) excluding shipping, which equates to 17c per tablet. eVitamins sells a similar product from 6.6c per tablet, and All Vitamins Plus sells for 33.2c per tablet. VitalMax Vitamins does not sell a multivitamin specifically for children.

Women’s multivitamin: Vitamma sells 90 women’s multivitamins for $14.99 (USD) excluding shipping, which equates to 17c per tablet. VitalMax Vitamins sells a women’s multivitamin for $1 per tablet, eVitamins for 21.3c per tablet, and All Vitamins Plus for 15.7c per tablet.

Men’s multivitamin: Vitamma sells 90 men’s multivitamins for $14.99 (USD) excluding shipping, which equates to 17c per tablet. eVitamins sells a similar product for 23.2c per tablet, and All Vitamins Plus sells for 31.3c per tablet. VitalMax Vitamins does not sell a multivitamin specifically for men.

Prenatal multivitamin: Vitamma sells 90 prenatal multivitamins for $14.99 (USD) excluding shipping, which equates to 17c per tablet. eVitamins sells a similar product for 16.7c per tablet, and All Vitamins Plus sells for 15.7c per tablet. VitalMax Vitamins does not sell a multivitamin specifically for pregnant women.

Shipping costs vary greatly between Vitamma and its competitors. Vitamma charges a standard shipping fee of $4.99 (USD), with express shipping of $11.99. eVitamins offers free shipping on orders of over $65, and All Vitamins Plus offers free shipping on orders over $49.99. VitalMax Vitamins offers free shipping on all orders, however customers must order monthly to receive this benefit.

Vitamma: Product images & screenshots
Vitamma Coupons
Vitamma: Customer reviews & comments

Reviews and Comments on Vitamma From Around the Web

The following are a random sample of customer reviews and comments on Vitamma, sourced from a range of independent websites:

“My girls will actually take the Vitamma in the morning without complaining. They prefer the taste to other chewable vitamins that we have tried. At $14.99 for bottle (90 vitamins), this is an affordable month and a half supply [for two children].” - Review from Mom Anthology

“Vitamma was nice enough to send me a bottle of their Children’s Multivitamins to review. I liked that each child only needed one chewable, instead of two, like I have experienced with other brands. Both kids liked the flavor of the vitamins and love the animal shapes that are available… The boys now ask each morning for their vitamins before we walk out the door.” - Review from What Mommies Need

"Vitamma sent me a some of their Women’s Multi-Vitamins to review… I found the Women’s vitamins to be an excellent product. Sometimes multivitamins taste bad... These don’t have that kind of taste, and I appreciate that. It also makes it easier to get my teenage daughters to take them. So I would recommend these as an excellent multivitamin at a reasonable price.” - Comments from Upstate Ramblings

“While members of my family have been using Vitamma vitamins (the women and the children’s multis) and have appreciated their properties (and, in the case, of the children’s multis, the taste), the more I learned about the company itself and how [buying] Vitamma vitamins can help others, I was impressed!” - Review from My Little Review Corner

“The best part of Vitamma? It’s not only good for you, but for every product sold, three children will receive two years’ worth of Vitamin A through the efforts of Vitamin Angels.” - Review from The Not So Blog

“Vitamma [women’s] multivitamins have been a great way for me to increase my energy and feel better overall… The Vitamma women’s multivitamins have no strong ‘vitamin odor’. Therefore, I am able to take them everyday without any trouble.” - Review from Coupon Contessa

“What I like about Vitamma children’s multi is that not only are my boys benefitting from the vitamins but I love that they donate vitamins to needy children… Even though I typically buy gummy vitamins for my boys, they didn’t mint at all changing to Vitamma children’s multi… My boys love the different flavors and the only problem is explaining that they can only have one!” - Review from Mom and More

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